What is Rugby Ethos?

Rugby Ethos is an expression of values inherent to the Game of Rugby that has enabled it to survive and prosper over the last 190 years. Although some of the mechanics of the Game have changed, the basic contest remains the same, as does its ethics and principles. The physicality of the contest becomes a source of comradeship and respect between teammates and opposition on the pitch and post-match.

Unique qualities of Rugby include an emphasis on sportsmanship and fair play, as expressed in the application of the Laws of the Game and unwritten on-field and social rules of the sport. Courage, teamwork, discipline, control, service to Club and community are also attributes to the Game of Rugby and Rugby players. A certain amount of irreverence, mischief and mirth are important to the social component of the Game. Ruggers, no matter the amount time of spent involved with the Game or level of play, enjoy a special bond for a lifetime.

The Store:

Thanks for visiting and supporting Rugby Ethos!  

Rugby Ethos was started by me, Whitney Blake, a longtime rugger starting with Los Gatos High, then the San Jose Seahawks, Olympic Club, and the Marin R.E.D.S.  I got bored with seeing rugby designs that were tired, ("Leather Balls"), uninspiring, or in contradiction to the Game's traditional values.  I wanted to make a product that celebrated why Rugby is special and different than other sports.  So join me in keeping rugby great by supporting our cause! 

If you have any questions or want to know more about Rugby Ethos - email me at info@rugbyethos.com or give me a call at 408-315-8900.

Store Features:  

Design:  The Ethos store carries original designs that celebrate and uphold Rugby's core values - along with some fun.

Ordering:  The Ethos store runs on a Shopify format with the native payment system, the store is PCI compliant and has a high level of security.  Rugby Ethos does not keep any of your payment data.  The store also features payment through PayPal as well.

I have an idea!  If you have an idea for an awesome rugby shirt, let us know and we'll see what we can do to bring your idea to life!